LATAM, our Big Country

In 1996, MARKETCROSS' founder started to think our company as a global operation. Since the beginning, the prime concept was to consider LATAM as a "big country" to perform business within.

The operation began in Buenos Aires, but rapidly spread to different cities in Latin America: subsidiaries were opened in Chile in 2001, in Mexico in 2005, in Colombia in 2008, in Peru and Venezuela in 2009 and in Brazil in 2014.

Today, MARKETCROSS' revenues come from different subsidiaries. Looking at the customer base, it is remarkable how the company created a new regional business model. Our structure is enviable, we have a service delivery model based on a 2.0 approach. Our Operations Director is in Chile, we have great PR executives in Mexico, an outstanding Marketing Team and a second PR team of executives in Buenos Aires, and one Country Manager in each branch.

This business model fits our client's needs, who need an integral service in more than one country. For instance, MARKETCROSS, today, delivers Press Services for CANON in Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador), the Caribbean (Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Curaça, Jamaica and Dominican Republic) and South America (Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay); for TERADATA in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru; for UNISYS in Argentina and Chile; for ATOS in Argentina and Chile; for WORLDLINE in Argentina and Chile; for TATA in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina; for GARTNER in Mexico; for MATCH in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru; among others.

MARKETCROSS is a company that have grown professionally and financially during our years of activity. We have ongoing long-term partnerships with our current customers, most of who have been working with us for the last 10 years. We are renowned for our low turnover of employees and our characteristic consistency of providing a global approach. This reached its momentum with the establishment of the new partnership with LEWIS PR, the european PR company that is represented by MARKETCROSS in several countries of LATAM, our "big country".