MARKETCROSS offers our customers a professional view on creating an effective STORYTELLING. We know how to create clear and accurate content for your company with a perfect style that allows fast distribution to the audience you want to reach.  We use our skills to help many organizations, both large and small, to change their way of thinking, bring values and ideas and challenge the status quo.

Great communication professionals are part of the MARKETCROSS team. They generate quality contents, as well as innovative ideas to introduce in your next venture. Our customers' communication take a high place on every PR and marketing campaign, achieving clarity, confidence and performance aligned with their offering.

Why Content Strategy?

Content strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of content—written or in other format. The term is particularly common in web development since late 1990s. It is recognized as a field in user experience design but also draws interest from adjacent communities, such as, content management, business analysis and technical communication.

The definition of digital content itself has been changing regarding media and publishing trends. Three key components of content are text, as previously mentioned, as well as photo and video. Photos can be displayed on publisher sites in multiple ways: slide shows, click to enlarge, montages, and Pinterest-style, are examples of ways photography can be delivered to the user. Videos can appear as a click to open a pop-up, or an embedded video player on the page itself. Choosing the still-image and thumbnails associated with videos is a content strategist's decision. The display of these elements on social media pages (Facebook walls, Twitter feeds, etc.) is also a key part withtin the content strategy.

The Power of Storytelling

New forms of media are creating new ways for people to record, express, and consume stories. Tools for asynchronous group communication can provide an environment for individuals to reframe or recast individual stories into group stories. Games and other digital platforms, such as those used in interactive fiction or interactive storytelling, may be used to position the user as a character within a bigger world.