SOFTLAND Group has subsidiaries in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and Peru. In addition, it has representatives in: Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela. With 35,000 active customers in Latin America; and more than 600 skilled professionals, their philosophy, “think global, act locally" has allowed them to develop comprehensive strategies that adapt to the characteristics of each country.

SOFTLAND Argentina

Softland Argentina belongs to Softland technology group, a pioneer company with more than 30 years of experience in providing ERP solutions to manage ventures with enterprises in Latin America.

The company in Argentina has customers such as: Alpine Skate, La Rural, Sursem, Buratovich Hnos, Sacafy F., Rizobacter Argentina, Celusal, Cabrales, Sparkling, Noble Repulgue, Alvear Hotels, Intercontinental and Resorts Llaollao, Gulfoil, Fuels Northern Minera del Altiplano, Etman, Randon Argentina, Monserrat and Éclair Laboratory, Colegio San Andrés, San Andres University, Argentina Chamber of construction, Coarco, Dycasa and Fiplasto.

MARKETCROSS provides services to Softland in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

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Softland Colombia belongs to the prominent technology holding Softland Group, a pioneer company with over 30 years of experience providing ERP management solutions to small, medium and large companies in Latin America.

In Colombia they have clients such as Xerox,, Kimberly Clark, PLASTIVALLE, Sipro, Products Bronco, Editorial Nomos, Herzig & Cia SA, Mademeco, Caribbean Jewellery, Cosmetics SAMY SA, Payless Shoes, among others.

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