Methodology Driven

Our quality process ensures the accomplishment of previously arranged SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Our 360° Customer-Oriented METODOLOGY includes:

Immersion: Deep knowledge of  customer's business and its specific market.
Planning Comms: Definition of key messages, PR profiling, media targeting and Media Training to corporate speakers.
Deploy!: We generate Press Releases, Press Support, Media Kits, One-to-One encounters, Press Conferences, Media Pitches, Events Coverage, Success Stories Writing and Bylines. Let's go buzzing up with key messages!
Line up: Weekly meetings with customer for the fine tuning.

We can offer...

QUALITY ON THE WHOLE END-TO-END PROCESSES: regional work methodology to meet the requirements of our customers who have business operations in different countries of the Region.

PROACTIVITY: we don't wait for your requirements. We discuss strategy with the customer, and we co-create it. We are not shy to make suggestions and advise over the best actions. We offer to accompany our customers in all their point of sale activities and event and we back them up in every situation, when communications are involved.

SINERGETIC AND VIRAL!: PR is not an isolated process. We dialogue with marketing to leverage a holistic strategy. We integrate Marketing Communications to improve brand exposure and achieve commercial metrics. We create a systemic environment where your brand is part of the consumer's lifestyle.